Creative and Practical Arts

Early Stage One

Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. Students make pictures and other artworks using the media and materials given, representing both real and imagined situations. They appreciate that artists make artworks and they begin to describe some aspects of artworks.

Students sing, play and move to a range of music. They experiment with sounds and begin to organise them into basic structures. Students listen and respond to a variety of music. Students engage in roles through imaginative play and dramatic situations. They use movement, spaces and objects to dramatise personal experiences. They respond to different forms of dramatic experiences.
Students perform dances with some control over body movement and expression. They respond to a range of stimuli, drawing from experience and imagination, exploring the notion that dance is about moving the body to express ideas. Students watch dance performances and begin to recognise some basic components of dance

Stage One
Years 1 & 2

Visual Arts; Music; Drama; Dance.Students make artworks representing both real and imagined situations exploring a range of techniques and media. They discuss qualities of artworks such as subject matter and technique, recognising that artists create artworks for different audiences.

Students sing, play and move to music, demonstrating an awareness of their own capability in using voice and other sound sources. They organise sounds into simple structures and begin representing creative ideas symbolically. Students listen to, and identify, simple features of music and make judgements about musical effectiveness and preference.

Students explore and convey stories, events and feelings through roles and they work collaboratively to communicate and express feelings about the action of the drama. They experience and respond to a range of drama forms and elements by making, performing and appreciating drama. Students perform dances with some understanding of body movement and expression, exploring a range of movements to make choices in order to convey ideas, feelings and moods. They describe the ideas, feelings and moods conveyed by dances.